Thursday, June 6, 2013

Udon Miso Soup

Last week, I had this constant craving for udon noodles, which was kind of strange since I was dying from heat in my apartment. I kept thinking about the very simple, but delicious udon bowl I get at Panya, a great Japanese bakery in the East Village. Instead of trekking down to the village, I decided I would try and make some noodles myself!

I found an easy recipe for udon miso soup and got all of my ingredients together. When I was looking for the noodles in the grocery store, I couldn't find the fresh ones that are nice and chewy, only dried noodles. Of course, the following week when I was checking out, I saw them in the refrigerated section with the pre-made gnocchi and ravioli. At least I know for next time!

I added extra miso paste to the broth because I wanted it to be really flavorful. I started with the suggested amount in the recipe, but I felt like it was a little weak and I wanted a really intensely flavorful broth.

The combination of the noodles, chewy mushrooms, earthy spinach and broth lead to a very satisfying soup. I can't wait to make it again with the right noodles - it'll be even better! I want to make a dish with soba noodles soon as well. Really, I just want to make and eat all different Asian dishes - nothing wrong with that!

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