Monday, June 10, 2013

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

I have a major sweet tooth that I'm constantly trying to satisfy. I pretty much always want ice cream, Pinkberry, chocolate, cookies...the list could go on and on. My craving always seems to kick in right after dinner and it's hard to say no! There are so many times when I'm asking Matt if we can go for a late night Pinkberry run. It's semi healthy, right? I just keep telling myself that to justify it. 

I've been on the search for some healthier recipes so that I'm not constantly consuming tubs of ice cream and boxes of cookies. Easier said than done, but I found a great chocolate banana smoothie recipe that really satisfies my late night craving. It's so easy to make with only three ingredients - bananas, cocoa powder and almond milk. What's easier than that?

I had a bit of a chocolate smoothie explosion.
I prefer freezing my fruit instead of using ice cubes in my smoothies, just because I think it makes for a smoother, more creamy frozen drink. We have a fruit stand guy right near our apartment where he sells fruit and veggies for much cheaper than what you'd pay for in the grocery store. I usually buy strawberries and bananas from him, chop them up, and freeze them. My go-to smoothie is strawberry banana because it's so simple and delicious. I recently added some plain Greek yogurt to it and it made it a million times better. Delicious!

I've made this smoothie a few times now and have tried it both ways - with fresh bananas and ice and with just frozen bananas. I definitely prefer it with the frozen bananas because it does come out a lot more smooth, instead of having the slight icy texture to it. There's another smoothie that I recently found that I want to make soon with raspberries, peanut butter and plain Greek yogurt. Let the smoothie search begin!

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