Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweet Potato and Quinoa Chili

I love sweet potatoes oh so much. I really could eat them all the time, especially since there are so many great ways to prepare them. Baked, roasted, mashed, I really want to eat some! 

A few weeks back when I was on the search for a hearty sweet potato recipe, I came across one for sweet potato and quinoa chili. I know, I know, it's June and really hot and humid here in NYC, not the fall and in the midst of football season, but it sounded so delicious and quick to make so I went for it!

Boy, am I glad I did! My husband gave rave reviews on this dish, loving the heartiness from the sweet potatoes and kidney beans and the kick of flavor and heat from the mix of spices. And who thought that you could incorporate quinoa into a chili? Not me! It really soaked up the flavors and made the dish more substantial and...well, hearty. I think I've said that word way too many times in this post...but we are talking about chili after all.

I'll definitely keep this recipe in my repertoire to make again once the weather gets cooler (or if I have another summer craving for sweet potatoes and chili). In the meantime, I need to find another winning sweet potato recipe since I bought more on impulse at the grocery store today. Oh, the cook's constant search and journey in the kitchen. I love it!

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