Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thai Tofu Quinoa Bowls

Matt and I pretty much love all types of Asian food - Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese - but I think Thai may be my favorite. Pad see ew - you really can't beat it. But this dish we made on Monday, Thai Tofu Quinoa Bowls, is one of the most delicious dishes we have had recently - and it's vegetarian! We have been consciously trying to eat less meat, just being mindful of what we're consuming, and it's really not that hard when there are so many great vegetarian and fish options out there. 

This dish combines quinoa (my new favorite grain!), tofu, and an incredibly flavorful Thai sauce. I really love the texture of the tofu, which has been diced into small pieces and roasted in the oven. It's a bit chewy, a bit crispy. And then there's quinoa. I just love the way they kind of pop in your mouth as you eat them. Add in some crunchy carrots and roasted almonds - how can you go wrong? Oh, and you can't forget what may be the best part of the dish that really brings it all together - the sauce! It's a little sweet from the sweet chili sauce, a bit nutty from the peanut butter, creamy from the coconut milk, and a nice tart kick from the lime juice. I will definitely be using the sauce in other dishes because it's so versatile.

I've never roasted almonds before, but it really makes a huge difference! Roasting brings out a beautiful golden brown color and a really strong nutty flavor. I definitely want to roast almonds for other dishes - ooh, it would be great on salads!

We squeezed extra lime after dishing it out and it really gave it an extra pop of flavor. I would definitely recommend the extra squirt of lime - it really freshens up the dish. Now, my next to-do - what dish can I use the rest of the coconut milk in? Curry? Ice cream?? Oh, the possibilities!

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