Sunday, July 7, 2013

Maple Sweet Potato Cakes with Curried Greek Yogurt

At this point, you shouldn't be surprised that I have another sweet potato recipe to share. Luckily, this one is much different than the chili recipe I wrote about a week ago so at least I'm giving you some variety!

During my Foodgawker-ing, I came across a recipe for maple sweet potato cakes with curried Greek yogurt. This seemed like a great combo to me since I love sweet potatoes and I love making curries so why not put those two flavors together?

As the recipe suggested, I used my food processor to shred the sweet potatoes, which is always a great time saver. I don't know why my brain fails me sometimes, but I'll completely forget to use my food processor to chop/grate/shred veggies until after I've done it all by hand and then my husband will ask me why I didn't use that super handy appliance to do all the work for me. At least I didn't make that mistake this time!

While the cakes were cooking in the pan, I quickly whipped together the curried Greek yogurt. I happened to have plain yogurt at home, not Greek, so I went with what I had. The sauce was still creamy so I was satisfied with the final result - a cool, tangy and slightly spicy sauce.

The final product was delicious. The cake itself was sweet, with the addition of maple syrup to amp up the sweetness a bit more than what is naturally in the sweet potato. Since the cakes were served hot out of the pan, the cool curried yogurt sauce was a perfect pairing. The curry powder gave the yogurt a nice kick that wasn't too assertive, allowing the tanginess from the yogurt come through as well. All I can really say about this dish is yum!

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