Sunday, August 18, 2013

Zucchini Corn Fritters

This week has shown the first signs that fall is on its way, which makes me happy beyond belief. The chill in the air as I head to work puts a huge smile on my face and makes me wish I had a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate in my hand. I have always loved fall for so many reasons - leaves changing color to the most brilliant yellows, oranges and reds you've seen, hot chocolate, apple picking (a new favorite fall activity since going for the first time last year), consuming anything pumpkin flavored (in my book, fall is officially here when Starbucks announces the pumpkin spice latte is back!), and of course, my birthday! 

Despite my excitement for the upcoming season, I was gifted with a beautiful bag of corn (11 ears - ahh, what to do with all of this corn?) and a few zucchini, a great showing for the last month of summer. I came across a recipe for zucchini corn fritters, which was a perfect use for both of these fresh ingredients.

It took no time to whip up the "batter" for the fritters - thank goodness for the grating attachment on my food processor! Other than the two star ingredients of the dish, only a few additional items were needed to season and bind the fritters.

I was worried they wouldn't hold once I formed them and tried to flip them in the pan, but luckily after they crisped up on one side, I was able to nudge them onto my spatula and get 
the other side cooking. 

These fritters were a good reminder of how tasty fresh summer ingredients can be. The freshness from the zucchini, the sweet pop from the corn kernels, and the slight saltiness from the Parmesan cheese really worked together to make a refreshing and light summer dish. I served the fritters with a really simple tomato salad - tomato wedges with some salt, pepper and olive oil. Yum!

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